October 9, 2020

White Paper: Measuring what Matters in Immersive Environments

Biometric Feedback

Not all individuals experience emotions in the same way, yet traditional methods of measuring emotion either lack objectivity, ignore the context or are subject to subjectivity which affects the validity of the results.

emteq lab’s latest Virtual Reality (VR) technology builds on over 40 years of research into the relationship between facial expression and emotion, measuring arousal (level of activation or excitement) valence (whether a reaction is positive, negative or neutral) and action.

Our proprietary technology uses multimodal, biometric sensors within a virtual reality headset. By pairing this technology with VR immersive environments, emotional responses are measured in conditions that simulate real-world situations. The sensors within the headset monitor responses in heart rate and heart rate variability, facial electromyography (EMG), skin conductance, eye movements, and bodily motion to provide the most ecologically valid platform to quantify emotion more accurately and objectively.

To find out more about the benefits of measuring emotional responses in Virtual Reality and the world’s largest multi-modal, bio-metric data collection in VR, download the white paper here.

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White Paper: Measuring what Matters in Immersive Environments

This emteq labs white paper is the first in a series, providing insight for academic, clinical and market researchers, content and training specialists and all those who have an interest in emotion analytics. Written by the team at emteq labs, including content from our founders, Graeme Cox and Dr Charles Nduka, this white paper offers valuable insights into the capabilities and potential for the use of biometric feedback gathered within virtual reality, for both healthcare therapies and training.

October 9, 2020

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