The leading international wearables conferences - Ubicomp & ISWC 2022 honoured Emteq Labs with a 1st place award in the demo category for the OCOsense smart glasses. The winning Emteq Labs demo of OCOsense is a crucial solution which showcases that facial expression and emotion sensing glasses will be integral to mobile health assessment, rehabilitation, and augmented reality.


 The winning team of Emteq Labs (from left to right: Sophia Cox, Ifigenia Mavridou, Ivana Kiprijanovska, Hristijan Gjoreski)


This technology is the world's first facial expression, activity and behaviour sensing platform. Nicknamed a “Fitbit for feelings” OCOsense will be launched soon to researchers. Many conditions will benefit from home-based treatment monitoring and remote therapy, including depression, Parkinson’s disease, facial paralysis and many more.

We are very enthusiastic about the next steps in developing the OCOSense glasses. This is the second year in a row that Emteq Labs Demo solutions are getting the first prize award at the Ubicomp and ISWC conferences. This scientific recognition is a great motivation for our young but strong team of researchers and data scientists.



The live demonstrations of wearable technology and solutions are an integral part of the UbiComp/ISWC conferences. They showcase early implementations, prototypes, work-in-progress systems, and commercial products to a broad audience and a chance to engage the attendees and media. Ubicomp’s interdisciplinary field of research and development utilises and integrates pervasive, wireless, embedded, wearable and/or mobile technologies to bridge the gaps between the digital and physical worlds. Ubicomp brings together top researchers and practitioners interested in the technical and applied aspects of Ubiquitous Computing technologies, systems and applications.

Presenting at Ubicomp - Dr Ifigenia Mavridou, Lead Affect Engineer at Emteq Labs

Presenting at Ubicomp -  Ivana Kiprijanovska, Data Scientist at Emteq Labs