Emteq Labs, proudly presents its latest innovation: OCOsense glasses- a revolutionary pair of smart glasses poised to transform the way we engage with the world. With its advanced and high-resolution facial and head tracking features, OCOsense redefines what is possible for researchers, content creators and clinicians. Rather than being confined to a laboratory, the technology providesconvenience, wearability and efficiency for users worldwide.

OCOsense is not your ordinary eyewear; it is an intelligent frame combining a rich array of smart sensors that can track subtle facial movements and emotional reactions combined with a custom iOS application. The system provides real-time streaming data from an array of sensors capable of tracking multiple facial musclessimultaneously as well as head movement. The data monitoring, recording and processing application, coupled with machine learning modules process the data on the fly. It provides unparalleled insights into people’s facial expressions, activitiesand behaviours in context. Based in Brighton, Emteq Labs is UK a pioneer in wearable technology having introduced facial sensing initially in virtual reality.

Key Features of OCOsense:

1. Proprietary OCO™ Optomyography (OMG) sensors detect high-resolution facial activations at key muscle locations.

2. Smart 9-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU) and an altimeter for behavioural understanding.

3. Completely wireless set-up. The glasses are connected to a mobile app via Bluetooth (BLE).

4. A mobile app for easy data collection, real-time data monitoring and setting-up studies for researches and data analysts.

5. Fast user calibration & continuous fit status monitoring.

6. Sensor data are saved and available for analysis.

7. The app translates the sensor data to attention, engagement, valence, and facial expressivity, as well as detect body activities such as walking, sitting, standing etc.

8. Regulatory Compliance CE mark, RoHS, WEE.

"OCOsense is a better way to understand human behaviour outside the lab. The applications include clinical research, and in future therapy for a range of long-term conditions that affect facial expressions and movements. These include facial paralysis, Parkinson’s disease and mental health conditions such as depression.”, said Dr Charles Nduka, who founded the company following an award by the UK National Institute for Health Research

“We are thrilled to introduce OCOsense, a transformative leap in smart glasses technology," said Dr Ifi Mavridou research scientist at Emteq Lab. "Our team has dedicated relentless effort to create this product for researchers, allowing data insights to be observed outside the laboratory. OCOsense represents the future of wearable smart-sensing technology."

Pre-orders for OCOsense open on the 26th of June 2023 through emteq labs's official website at https://www.emteqlabs.com/ocosense. For more details, please visit the emteq labs website or contact the at sales@emteqlabs.com.

If you're an academic researcher, you may be eligible to participate in our Beta programme offering 20-100% discounts on OCOsense systems depending on the innovative nature of your project(terms and conditions apply).

To apply visit our OCOsense website.

About Emteq Labs:

Emteq Labs is a leading innovator in wearable technology to monitor and translate human behaviour. Its head-worn wearable solutions provide unparalleled insights for measuring emotional responses through facial muscle activity and biometric responses. Founded in 2015, Emteq has won multiple awards to develop its technology, IP and initial biometric datasets. Ongoing work is validating the health applications of its technologies in collaboration with university partners funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), Innovate UK and Horizon 2020.

The team is diverse and distributed across multiple countries, and head-quartered in Brighton, UK. A commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is fundamental to our core values. Only by recognising and valuing differences and treating everyone with dignity and respect, can we truly create technology that has a positive impact on people's lives.

Press Contact:

Charles Nduka

Founder, Emteq Labs