Product Overview


OCOsense is the world's first wearable facial expression and emotion analytics technology.
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Estimated delivery: April 2023
What is it
Our system provides a simple, all-in-one solution to track, timestamp and annotate user responses to content in the real world or augmented reality.
Engagement & Valence
Facial expressivity
Activity (walking, sitting, reading etc.)
Regulatory Compliance CE mark, RoHS, WEE.

Features & Benefits

An array of proprietary patented OCOsense optomyography sensors
Programmable smart sensor 9-axis IMU with onboard activity recognition
Pressure sensor
2 x microphones
Processor and memory
Arm Cortex processor – 512KB FLASH, 64KB RAM
Additional memory – 512Mb FLASH  2Mb FRAM
Affect Data
Expressions Activity
Red charging LED
520mAh LIPO battery
Haptic vibration motor
Real time clock
On/off button
Micro-USB port
Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0

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