What can this technology be used for?

Our technology can be applied to any scenario that would benefit from quantified insight into the human response. We have seen it applied to clinical and academic research, analysis of 3D environments, skills training and development. However, our particular focus is on the area of health and wellness because our technology provides the ability to measure what matters. Originally developed as a technology for individuals with facial palsy, our wearable solutions offer a raft of applications within the field of research, mental health, content analytics, human computer interaction and gaming.

Do you have real-life examples how the technology can be used?

Improve Facial Palsy (improvefp.com) is the primary example of how our VR sensor technology can be used to help support those with facial palsy, by providing relaxation techniques, exercises and motivation within a virtual environment, where progress can be measured. Further applications are in development and we look forward to sharing those as they are released.

What does ‘ecologically valid’ mean?

In research, the ecological validity of a study means that the methods, materials and setting of the study must approximate the real-world that is being examined. Studies characterised by a high level of ecological validity can be generalised to be accurate illustrations of real-life situations.

What are ‘biometrics’?

Biometrics are physical, or behavioural measurements related to human characteristics. In the context of our work, they relate to the facial muscle activation, heart rate and heart rate variability, physical gestures and eye movement that an individual makes in response to the virtual environment they are experiencing, which we track and can interpret in order to understand their responses translate into emotions.

Which VR units are compatible with the emteqPRO?

The emteqPRO is compatible with the HTC Vive Pro and Vive Pro Eye, Open Face Mask and Pico 3 Neo Eye.