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Real-time emotion sensing & analytics technology

As seen in:
Created with professional emotional scientists

Access raw biometric and interpreted data using our open API

The emteqPRO incorporates biometric sensors, signal processing modules, gaze and optional eye-tracking, supported by a unique open API and cloud data analytics, tracking, management. Our solution provides insights into emotional state & response on demand.

Sensor-based analytics for VR/AR & real world uses

Integrated synchronised sensors
Biosensing integrated into VR headsets or glasses for objective measurements
Open platform
3rd party development API for simple integration and partnership opportunities
High-Quality Data
Tightly controlled scenarios together with a researcher dashboard, enable new ways of understanding behaviours
Access to Raw Data
Export your data into your preferred platform for analysis

Mind maps

We can think of the metaverse as multiple layers of data and content overlaid onto the world –shared by many, yet unique to us all.

These layers help to predict behaviour using information about who, where, when and what.

By adding in a new layer of emotion analytics, our technology tells you why...
Mind Map

Lab in a box research platforms

The emteqPRO provides a simple, cost-effective, all-in-one solution to track, label and synchronise actions with user responses, with an integrated API, enabling objects to be tagged.

Our Products

Open face mask
Vive headsets
Pico headsets
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Objective biofeedback for

Multi-modal, integrated biosensors include facial EMG, PPG pulse features, IMU and eye-tracking

Emotion analysis to better understand user engagement and experience

Understand user response, train soft skills and resilience

Measure stress, anxiety, and cognitive load for medical & wellness applications

Dr Lisa Quadt
Research fellow in Psychiatry
I am interested in the interaction between body and mind. For researchers like me, integrated facial biofeedback is a dream come true.
Prof. Hugo Critchley
Consultant Psychiatrist
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Emteq’s R&D team on a number of projects and am impressed with their commitment to research. They are dedicated to developing evidence-based technologies for the benefit of users, clinicians, and researchers.
Prof. Tiago Guerreiro
Professor at FCUL. HCI Researcher and Vice-Director at LASIGE
A great device with so many possibilities for clinical research - usable and powerful
Mitja Lustrek
Senior Researcher and Head of the Ambient Intelligence Group at the Jozef Stefan Institute in Slovenia
A novel approach to sensing facial expressions and a nice product overall, would be happy to give it a try in my own research.

Who we work with

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