emteq labs technology offers solutions for a diverse range of industries:


Researchers interested in understanding the basis of our psychological and emotional responses to the world.


Developers wanting to rapidly iterate by understanding everything about their users; where they looked, where they went, what they did, and how they responded.


Our technology is ideal for remote, self-guided learning interventions which demand objective feedback to drive behavioural change. In the physical absence of a trainer, emotional response measurement and AI are the principle enablers and core to our solution.

Creative agencies

Creative agencies looking to ensure that they are maximising their return on investment.


Brands wanting to ensure they are getting an emotional connection with the audience.

Market Researchers

Market Researchers needing to A/B test content.


Innovators wanting to create novel methods of human-computer interaction to allow better connection with the world.

Designers prototyping 3D spaces

With our immersive technology, designers are able to measure positive engagement with ‘visitors’ in the 3D surroundings they are developing, offering insight into both the aesthetics, as well as the commercial opportunities therein.

Health Care Professionals

Facial movements are an important aspect of conditions ranging from stroke to depression, Parkinson’s Disease and facial paralysis.

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