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emteqPRO monitors biometrics to provide comprehensive insights into emotional responses. We provide:

  • An open integration API, enabling connectivity to Unity 3D
  • Access to the AI (Expression Engine) to translate sensor input into human intent and expression
  • Real-time data visualisation with signal filters
  • The ability to collect and analyse raw and translated data

Additional benefits include:

  • The ability to run studies remotely
  • Reduced participant set-up time
  • Improved experimental validity by having a lightweight, comfortable solution
  • Reducing the number of steps required to conduct a study in VR
  • No trailing cables (Pico Neo 2)
  • Unbundle the act of data acquisition from cleaning, annotating, and running algorithms, to facilitate collaboration
  • Invite those who already have the hardware to be participants in research

The Future

Our emteq Glasses, currently in development, will provide a wearable platform for measuring facial muscle activity and emotional responses in the real world. Using a range of multi-modal, patent-pending sensor technologies, proprietary algorithms and live data streaming we have enabled the collection and interpretation of human emotional response in real-time in the real world.

Our unique, technology offers potential uses within the fields of:

  • Experimental Psychology
  • Mental Health (Anxiety, OCD, Autism etc)
  • Neurology (Parkinson, Facial Palsy, Stroke, Alzheimer)
  • Neuroscience
  • Social interaction
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Human Factors
  • Market Research
  • Education
  • Training
  • Game design
  • Content Analytics

About us

Objective measures of
emotional responses and behaviour


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