Our patents

The company has a growing patent portfolio covering core requirements for behavioural measurement and analysis for XR which includes the following:

Patent No: GB 2518113, US10398373 (Granted: UK 2018, US: 2019).

Wearable apparatus for providing muscular biofeedback. The apparatus comprises biosensors that are able to detect activity of a set of facial muscles and a pattern in the sensor data that is characteristic of a facial muscle imbalance can be detected. When such a pattern is detected, feedback may be provided to a wearer. This informs a user that their facial expression is imbalanced, allowing them to attempt to correct for the imbalance

Patent No: GB 2552124, US10398373 (Granted: UK: 2018, US: 2019, Published with WIPO on 2014).

Wearable apparatus for providing muscular biofeedback. The apparatus comprises sensors arranged to detect activity of the posterior auricular muscles (behind the ear), and by identifying patterns in this activity, the apparatus can infer a zygomaticus muscle (a cheek muscle used when smiling) is also active. Thus, the system provides an indirect and unobtrusive means by which the activity of the zygomaticus can be detected.

Patent No: GB1703133 (Application filed, pending).

A wearable system for detecting facial muscle activity. The system comprises several optical flow sensors arranged to image an area of the skin. Each imaged area of skin is associated with one or more facial muscles. Thus, a processor can be configured to determine the activity of facial muscle by analysing how the images vary over time.

The company has also filed several other applications for protection of its IP, especially with regard to the proprietary sensors used by OCOSense and is in the process of preparing additional applications

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