emteqPRO Open Face in action

The emteqPRO Open Face is a biometric sensor array for measuring the dimensional features of emotion and provides all the same functionality as our emteqPRO Vive and emteqPRO Pico offerings. The system is intended for use on resting and ambulatory subjects outside of virtual reality (VR).

Regulatory Compliance CE mark, RoHS, WEE.


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Technical specifications

  • Mask with EMG and PPG sensors
  • 2 x narrow face sensor inserts
  • 2 x wide face sensor inserts


  • Sensor contact head strap
  • 1 x 12cm USB cable
  • 1 x 2m USB cable
  • 2 x strap loops
  • 7 channel Facial EMG
  • Stainless Steel electrodes
  • 1 PPG Sensor
  • 24-bit signal resolution
  • 12 x Gain
  • 2,000Hz sampling frequency
  • Bandwidth DC to 500Hz
  • Active Signal Monitoring
  • Data transmission – USB
  • Power Consumption – 750mWh
  • Operating System – N/A
  • SDK – Unity3D 2018 v3.1 and above
  • Unreal Engine – coming soon

About us

Objective measures of
emotional responses and behaviour


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