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Emotion Lab covers the latest in virtual reality, human behaviour and research through interviews with experts across healthcare, technology and academia. Graeme Cox and Charles Nduka, the founders of emteq labs, bring you regular interviews with those at the frontier of healthcare and research, diving into brand new technologies and how they measure, predict and affect human behaviour and emotion.

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Episode 7

This week Charles is joined by John Muñoz – a research scientist and game designer. In this episode Charles and John discuss exergaming, the future of games and their applications in medicine. Listen in to hear about “tech-emotional intelligence”, how John is using VR exergaming to engage seniors in physical activities and much more!

Episode 8

This week Charles is joined by Sarah Hill, CEO of Healium – a virtual and augmented reality tool for the self-management of stress, powered by the user’s own brainwaves and heart rate. In this episode of the Emotion Lab Charles and Sarah discuss neurofeedback and how VR and wearables can help us train our minds. Listen in to hear about how VR can be used as “digi-ceutical’ now, and developed even further to support stress management and anxiety in future

Episode 9

This week Graeme is joined by Aela Callan – a documentary filmmaker, journalist and co-founder of Head Set . Aela and co-founder Kate Parkinson are no strangers to hostile environments, with more than 30 years of experience as foreign correspondents. Now Head Set is using the power of immersive technologies to create VR scenarios that help prepare journalists to work on the frontline. Listen in to hear the story of how and why Head Set was founded and the role of VR in training journalists and many other professions for work-related scenarios.

Episode 4

This week Charles Nduka is joined by Stephen Fairclough – Professor of Psychophysiology at Liverpool John Moores University. Stephen’s background covers neurosciences, psychophysiology, human factors and human-computer interaction. In this episode of the Emotion Lab Stephen and Charles discuss psychophysiology research, how VR can be used in this field and the important issue of data privacy. Listen in to hear about how games could revolutionise pain management and a whole lot more.

Episode 5

This week Graeme is joined by Ifigeneia (Ifi) Mavridou and James Somauroo. Ifi is an Affect Scientist with a particular research focus in human-computer interactions and evoking emotional states in VR environments. In this episode of the Emotion Lab, Graeme, James and Ifi discuss the two-dimensional model of human emotions and the largest study ever done to measure these in a VR environment. Listen in to learn more about the model, how the public reacted to the experiment and what it all means for future uses of VR.

Episode 6

This week Charles is joined by Sarah Ticho – founder of Hatsumi and the Healthcare Lead at Immerse UK. From staff welfare and training to mental health, social prescribing, PTSD, COPD and diagnosing ADHD, Charles and Sarah discuss various possible scenarios for using VR in medicine. Listen in to hear about this, NHSX ‘s VR strategy and much more!

Episode 1

In the first episode of Emotion Lab, your hosts, Charles and Graeme discuss their journeys, discovering emotion AI and research and founding emteq labs – a start-up working on a cutting-edge facial expression and emotion sensing platform which offers a new paradigm in human-human and human-digital interactions for researchers, educators and content creators. Listen in to find out their personal inspirations and motivations, and truly understand their mission to quantify emotion for the best research and patient care.

Episode 2

This week Graeme is joined by Dr James Somauroo, founder of somX, to discuss the new frontier of human emotion research. Listen in to find out why quantifying emotions is important, how cutting-edge tech holds the key and more about the global community working together in this new field of research.

Episode 3

This week Charles Nduka is joined by James Somauroo, an anaesthetics and ICU doctor by training, now the founder of somX. Charles is a world renowned Consultant Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon, Associate Professor at Sussex University and Honorary Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London, multi-award winning academic, who published over 100 scientific articles, monographs and book chapters and is an experienced entrepreneur. As a surgeon, he is passionate about developing ways to use technology to improve lives. This episode of the Emotion Lab covers clinical research and explores what’s happening on the new frontier of emotion research.

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