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Virtual reality has the potential to revolutionise research into human behaviour. In the past, studies were either performed in settings that did not match reality or involved use of multiple disparate sensors and wet electrodes, a time-consuming process to set up and uncomfortable for the subject.

emteq labs is the market-leader in wearable technology to monitor and translate human intent and expression into credible and actionable feedback about behaviour, tailored to your project.

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Our integrated solution

Our integrated solution provides unparalleled insight for the measurement of emotions, through facial muscle activity and biometric responses. It offers the ability to control the user experience and is therefore ideal for:

  • Researchers wanting to assess behaviours in simulated environments.
  • Trainers and Therapists wanting to provide their trainees and clients with more continuous feedback via personalised programs performed at home.
  • Content Creators interested in understanding human behaviour and responses.

Our customers

Our customers want experiences to mimic real-life scenarios without the cost or inconvenience of travelling to visit a trainer/researcher. They want quantitative rather than qualitative data that is personalised to the individual.

Our technology

Our technology has its origins in healthcare
as we recognise the importance
of measuring what matters.


Our highly sensitive hardware can be used in psychology and neuroscience research, for objective evaluation of 2D and 3D content and for computer interaction via facial muscle activity.

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Our emotion-sensing platform is integrated into commercial VR headsets, providing ‘emotion as an input’ and enhancing user experience testing.

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We deliver Attention, Arousal, Valence and Engagement measurements to create the most complete solution for performance monitoring, packaged within a VR headset.

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About us

Objective measures of
emotional responses and behaviour


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